Text Adventure Game With Feelies

DORM limited edition folder back

A limited edition printed version of the text adventure game Dorm including real-world Feelies.

This was presented as a gift to Kay Savetz, my pal and podcasting partner who inspired me to make the game in the first place.

Packaged copies were also sent to each of the beta testers to thank them for their invaluable assistance.

Want a copy for yourself? I have enough material left over to make a small number of additional packages. If you'd like to be told when they become available (if ever) let me know at one of the contact links at the bottom of the page.


The game is packaged in a baggie, reflecting both its old school aesthetic and the fact that I'm too cheap to make boxes. The layout of the enclosing folder is inspired by (that is, it totally rips off) the style of the Infocom grey boxes.

DORM limited edition folder front
DORM limited edition folder back
DORM limited edition folder back

DORM: Adventure at the 8-Bit Assembly was created by Carrington Vanston. It may be copied, distributed, and played freely.