After you've finished DORM

These are some interesting things to try after you've completed the game. Some of these have interesting responses, and some of them will kill you. Only one way to find out which is which!

The game is scored out of 100, but you can actually score higher than that if you find one or more of the secret bonus points. See the bottom of this page for hints about those.

Have you tried...

...taking one of the protest signs?

...reaching your hand into the scrum multiple times?

...eating the ice cream cone? Eating a second one?

...reading the dictionary? More than once?

...staring at the mysterious stains inside Lower Maskedman Hall?

...playing any of these games with the gamer: monopoly, battleship, chess, checkers, scrabble, poker, magic the gathering, go, trivial pursuit, charades, battleship, clue, pandemic, dungeons and dragons, subbuteo, solitaire, or global thermonuclear war?

...taking the capstone from the Garage Giveaway arch?

...listening to the crowd in the Garage Giveaway?

...taking something from the Garage Giveaway boxes in the presentation room?

...teleporting into the rubbish bin? Or back to Rockwust Rd?

...riding the bull when the platform is facing different directions?

...turning up the pressure when the water is boiling hot?

...examining your presentation before and after the warlock returns it to you?

...throwing something at either of the hackers? an ice cream to the bull once it comes to life?

...flying over the bleachers when the warlocks are up there?

...taking a jewel-encrusted egg from the trophy case?

...saying echo in the echoey hallway?

...going south off the map when outside Maskedman Hall? More than once?

...trying the verbs in the dictionary, before and after reading about them?

...taking the "nothing" in your room? Or putting something in the nothing?

You can actually score over 100 points in the game. There are 5 secret bonus points available:

The smartypants bonus point. You'll need to know the word for it when your tummy starts rumbling.

The printshop bonus point. You'll have to literally pull off something amazing for this one.

The orderly bonus point. You can only accomplish this on the Concoction Hall's lower level, and it takes years.

The brain freeze bonus point. You'll have to be both fast and generous to deliver on this.

The scrub-a-dub-dub bonus point. You'll need to make a clean getaway to earn this one.

DORM: Adventure at the 8-Bit Assembly was created by Carrington Vanston. It may be copied, distributed, and played freely.