Double Solemnity

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
the courage to change the things I can,
and the wisdom to know there's almost nothing in that first group.


Speak, dead famous person! Speak!

The Bakka Phoenix book shop is still my favourite Toronto purveyor of ink on pulp. High school me misses the original Bakka location on Queen Street, but crotchety old me now shuffles up to 84 Harbord whenever I want to nab a handful of science fiction or fantasy books.

Bakka Phoenix is having a contest for tickets to see Paranorman: "If you could speak to one dead famous person, who would it be?"

Here is my entry:

If I could speak to one dead famous person I'd pick Dorothy Parker. I love her writing and wit, plus she had a proven track record of being an interesting lunch companion.

Also, just in case this "speak to the dead" contest is a ruse to get me into a room with a zombie, I think I could take her. Then again, if Parker found herself in a reanimated state, she could probably cope enough to still be interesting to converse with--after all, she did spend much of her adult life pickled. I'm betting she'd be less "unnggh, braaaains!" and more "oh, this again."

As a bonus, if I could get my copy of Enough Rope signed by the author and dated 2012, I would as they say "never pay for another drink again." And I think she'd find that deliciously ironic.

Wish me luck. If I win, anyone want to catch an animated zombie movie with me this Wednesday?

Update: Woo hoo, I won. Bring on the film fun.


Bring back Battle of the Network Stars

All day long I've had the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song in my head. Not apropos of anything, I just wanted to share.

We tease him a lot, 'cause we got him on the spot, welcome back...


Meet the new boss, same (name) as the old boss

iPad 2012

Of course I'm salivating over the gorgeous new iPad. It's everything I love about my iPad 2 plus more. Sign me up for new gadget goodness.

But what really struck me was that Apple didn't give it a number. It's not iPad 3. It's not iPad 2012. It's not iPad Home Premium 2: Electric Boogaloo. It's simply "the new iPad."

I dig it. I can see how that meshes with Apple's goal of simplicity, and I expect Apple to start ditching number suffixes across their product lines.

Speaking of lines: time for me to get into one for a new iPad. Gimme.


The future is then.

Introducing Apple II advertisement

And then one day, many years later, someone at Apple looked back at this ad and thought: "Hmmm, a turtleneck..."