InvisiClues-style hints for DORM

Make sure you carefully read all of the Feelies that come with the game. Some puzzles in the game require information from the Feelies.

There should be no way a player can put herself in an unwinnable position during the game. But there are multiple ways to die, sometimes suddenly, so I recommend saving regularly.


Click a topic to jump to related hints, then click any hint to reveal it. Each set of hints progresses from a gentle nudge to a full solution.

back to topEntering Concoction Hall.

You can see people inside. Have you tried shouting, or knocking on the doors?

When you knock, someone inevitably goes to the opposite door instead. Perhaps you can get their attention at that time?

Have you talked with the protestors? Maybe they have something you can use?

Take the flyer from the protestors and read it. How does it make you feel?

The other attendees might feel the same way as you do about the flyer.

Can you put the flyer some place that the person who goes to the door will see it?

You have putty for sticking decorations to your dorm door. Presumably it would work just as well with this door.

>DECORATE DOOR WITH FLYER, then go to opposite door and >KNOCK

back to topThe Redbook.

Read the sign.

You must place another book in the box before taking one out.

Have you found any other books?

There is a dictionary in the study room on the second floor. It's worth reading.

>PUT DICTIONARY IN BOX then >TAKE THE REDBOOK. You can exchange the books again later should you want to.

back to topRepairing the microphone.

The microphone needs to be plugged into the speaker to work.

Are you sure it's broken, not just turned off? Try tapping it.

If it is actually broken, then yes it can be repaired.

You might need assistance.

Someone on the upstairs of Concoction Hall does hardware repairs.

The hardware hacker should be able to repair it (See: The Hardware Hacker)

back to topMy ice cream cone keeps melting.

You could just get another one. You're limited to one ice cream cone at a time, though.

It might actually turn out to be useful that the ice cream melts. What happens when it does?

Don't read more unless you have a reason to quickly bring the ice cream to somewhere specific.

If you get the ice cream at least close to the hacker, he'll give you a hint about a shortcut.

You can use the map to get to the hacker before the ice cream melts. (See: The Map.)

back to topThe tie contest.

If you don't have any kind of tie in your inventory, you can't win the tie contest yet.

Think outside the box, especially puns. Tie Fighter, Thailand map, a Mai Tai, etc.

The following hints will spoil another puzzle. Only read on if you're truly stuck in the game.

You'll have to beat the gamer to have the right item. (See: How can I beat the gamer?)

When you beat the gamer, did you take the game?

It wasn't a winning game, nor a losing game. What kind of game was it?


back to topOn the roof.

The air balloon parts scattered around the roof are incomplete.

Perhaps they can be re-assembled into another device?

You'll need to have found the trebuchet plans to build what you need.

Give the plans to the engineer's ghost to build. Note down her last words when she explodes.

>CLIMB INTO SLING. Then wiggle your butt left or right to aim the trebuchet.

To land safely you must aim for the softest spot on campus.

Wait for the pillow fight to break out at the soccer field, then aim for that.

To launch, the rope needs to be cut. It's out of reach, so something must cut it for you.


back to topThe gamer.

Try playing any board game, card game, or dice game you can think of.


What about Poker? Ludo? Whist? Bunco?

Clue? Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Have you tried >CHEAT

Apparently, she will always be the one who wins.

But what if there was no winner? Have you tried Solitaire? Dungeons and Dragons?

Maybe "the only winning move is not to play."

Thermonuclear War? No, the other game from that movie.


back to topThe mouse doesn't work.

To fix the mouse, you'll need to have explored the campus beyond Concoction Hall.

Have you tried examining the mouse? What is it missing?

If you can't find a mouse ball, maybe something similar will do.

Perhaps something from the cafeteria?


back to topThe door decorating contest.

>DECORATE DOOR WITH X, where x is any suitable decoration. Try different items.

The requirements to win are in the Event Guide in your game package.

You'll need 4 decorations, at least one of which is signed by Woz. (See: Woz.)

You'll also need something from Apple's history. Perhaps a sign from a vintage expo?

Possible decorations can include: poster, bookmark, business card, Apple sign, photo, etc.

You'll also need a little something extra.

"Something extra" isn't just a description. You'll know it when you find it.

back to topThe boiler room.

There is a hatch above you, if only you could reach it.

Perhaps a ~little~ magic would help?

Did you notice the clover? How many leafs does it have?


Wait for goat to poop a leprechaun.

back to topThe pirate.

The pirate wants you to prove the Apple II can do something better than vintage Macs.

The Apple II is known for having far more games than Macintosh. How can you prove that to the pirate?

Have you found anything that illustrates the vast number of games the Apple II has?

A catalog of Apple II games is in the stack of magazines in the small room at the west end of Concoction Hall's lower level.


back to topAn Apple sign! How can I reach it?

You won't be able to solve this until you've won the tie contest.

You'll also need to have brought the bull statue to life.

The sign is behind a barrier you can't open. Perhaps approach from another direction?

You don't see any other doors or entrances. What's the only opening storage area does have?

It's open from above. How can you get up there?

You won't be able to climb down from the bleachers

Perhaps there's a way to get airborne?

Ride the bull and it will buck you skywards.

>PUSH PLATFORM until bull is aimed to launch you south, then >RIDE BULL

Oops, you didn't get quite high enough. What did the message say about being more like an airplane?

What do some airplanes have that you don't, besides wings?

What if you had a propeller?

Your bow tie can spin like a propeller!


back to topThe hardware hacker.

Unless you have hardware to repair, there's nothing much to do here.

He says you have to wait your turn, but perhaps you can move to the front of the line?

What could you give the hardware hacker to get him on your side?

The hacker says he wants a "tasty treat". Perhaps the cafeteria has something he'd like.

Give the hacker an ice cream cone. Then give him the item to be repaired.

back to topThe Garage Giveaway.

You'll need to have explored another building on campus to solve this puzzle.

You can enter the arch to join the Giveaway, then try taking what you want most.

Holding on to it is another matter. It'll be knocked out of your hand unless you have a good grip.

Sticky hands would help.

Get an ice cream cone, then let it melt in your hands. Your grip will be sticky for a few turns.

back to topMecha-Woz.

The claws and flamethrower are too powerful. You need to find an escape, fast.

Examine the oil dripping from the Woz Bot. Does it remind you of anything?

You've seen that same pattern before on the back of the golden cereal box.

Run through the maze following the cereal box instructions, and the Woz Bot will follow.

Lead the Woz Bot to the lair of the Minotaur and escape while they do battle.

back to topThe access panel.

The panel is screwed to the wall, but you won't find a screwdriver.

The screws do need to be removed, though. There is no secret or magical alternative.

Perhaps something else thin and hard could act as a screwdriver.

You'll need to get something from Woz. (See: Can I meet Woz?)


back to topThe receptionist.

When you ask for a key, he says to read his shirt. What does the shirt say to do?

What does the shirt say to do *exactly*?

The shirt does not say 'Ask Receptionist About Keys'.

The shirt says 'Ask *ME* About Keys'. When you say 'me', who do you mean?


back to topWoz.

The former Apple engineer is apparently being mobbed by fans in the lounge.

If you can't wholly get into the scrum, perhaps you can get in partially.

Have you tried reaching into the scrum? More than once?

>REACH INTO SCRUM for a business card.

>PUT ___ INTO SCRUM to have something signed.

back to topThe black robed figures.

Black robes? Maybe they are professors.

Okay, they're not professors. What did the Event Guide say about Rockwurst being founded by warlocks?

Pay attention to what they say when you encounter them around campus. You might piece together their story.

While you're enjoying the Assembly, they're struggling with something darker. Your stories will eventually intersect.

When they need you to do something, they'll ask. More might be revealed in the game's sequel, if there is one.

back to topThe map on campus.

The map is necessary only once you have a need to get somewhere quickly.

The description reads: "A similar map is in the Event Guide..." Note: similar, not quite the same.

The map in your game package has something extra that the map inside the game doesn't have.

The description of the map inside the game says 'Technically the map doesn't show you where you are'.

The map in your game package does have a "you are here" arrow. It's pointing to the map, where you are now.

The bookmark from inside the Redbook is also a red arrow. It even says 'you are here'.

>PUT ARROW ON MAP. Note that the map's description changes.

What if the "you are here" arrow pointed somewhere other than where you are now?

Placing the bookmark on a point on the map will teleport you to that location.

>PUT ARROW ON CONCOCTION HALL (Or other locations such as Borked Field, bleachers, empty field, etc.)

back to topThe graffiti.

It seems to have something to do with the bull, given the symbol.

Perhaps this is just part of a code. Maybe it can be used with something else?

Just take note that "N is for Nose" and look for other codes or bull symbols elsewhere.

You'll need to repair the showers to discover more.

back to topWhat are the flies trying to tell me?

Buzz buzzzz buzzz buzzzzzzz buzzz.

It is not a simple code.

If you can't understand them yet, maybe there is a reason for that.

Perhaps there's a way to speak to the flies. Or to turn into one of them.

No, there isn't. But that would've been neat, eh?

back to topI'm in the dark!

You'll need a source of light, but there are no lanterns, torches, or flashlights in this game.

Perhaps there's some other way to create illumination.

You can't solve this until you've made use of the ice cream to solve another puzzle.

Did you get what you want from the Garage Giveaway yet?

The Wishbringer game box came with feelies in real life. Perhaps it does inside this game, too.

The Wishbringer stone can glow in the dark. You can use that game's feelies inside this game. Neat, huh?

If it's not glowing, it probably needs to be charged. How do you normally charge a glow-in-the-dark item?

Leave the stone in an outside area to charge it (examine it to see its status change). Then it will glow in the dark.

back to topFixing the showers.

Are you making a map? What would be behind the showers?

You'll need to get past the access panel in your room. (See: The access panel.)

You might wish to save your game before tackling this puzzle.

The people in the showers were complaining about the water pressure.

To fix the showers you'll want both the temperature and pressure dials turned up.

If people are in the showers when there is a blast of scalding water, they'll be burned.

How can you get people to exit the shower stalls?

Perhaps a blast of cold water?

Turn temperature down, then turn pressure up to empty out the showers. Then turn temperature up.

I wonder what else might've changed now that the showers are blasting hot water?

back to topThe washing machine.

The machine is coin operated. Too bad you don't have a coin.

Perhaps something would work as a substitute.

You need something roughly coin sized. It might not be made of metal.

Check the cafeteria.


back to topThe wall that is totally normal.

Maybe there's nothing to see here, like the game says.

It's not acting suspiciously, YOU'RE acting suspiciously.

Does this feel like one of the fake clues to you?

Even if it's not a fake clue, the wall is just a wall. It's definitely not an alien.

Okay, it's an alien.

Being an alien, you have no way of talking to each other.

Not by speaking anyway.

His name is Wallace, by the way. He's sad about something.

Pay attention to the feelings Wallace expresses.

He's sad because he lost a special photograph. Perhaps you can find it for him.

The photo is not inside Concoction Hall. You'll need access to the campus at large.

The photo is somewhere in Maskedman Hall.

Search the trophy case to jostle loose the photo.

Try >SHOW PHOTO TO WALL or >GIVE PHOTO TO WALL. What else might work?


back to topThe bite the bag contest.

You'll need incredible balance to win. If your balance isn't good enough, you're not ready to win.

There is something on campus that can improve your balance.

Have you tried getting into the hammock?

More than once?

Enter the hammock at least three times, then enter the bite the bag contest.

back to topI need a different shirt.

The only shirt you'll find is the one you can win in the door contest.

Perhaps you can change this shirt into what you need.

The shirt isn't your only item of clothing. Too bad they're both the wrong colour.

A yellow shirt. A red hat. Hey, don't yellow and red mix to make orange?

Wash the yellow shirt with the red hat. (See: Operating the washing machine.)

back to topGiving my presentation.

Is it time? The presentation room screen shows current activities.

To start, you'll need to click your name with the mouse.


If the mouse isn't working, you'll need to solve that before you can give your presentation.

If the audience isn't paying attention, maybe they can't hear you. Is the mic on?

Examine the mic. Is it plugged in? Try tapping it to see if it's on.

The microphone cable will need to be repaired. (See: Repairing the microphone.)

Fix the mouse. Plug in the repaired microphone cable. Then >GIVE PRESENTATION TO AUDIENCE

back to topThe group photo.

Is it photo time? The screen in the presentation room shows current activities.

Everyone is gathering in the south field, just east of the bleachers.

The figure atop the bleachers seems to be beckoning to you. You should go to them.

Have you tried walk to there? Or riding the bull? Both are worth trying.

Other than walking or flying, what other way have you gotten around campus?

Use the map to teleport.

Go to the map, then >PUT ARROW ON BLEACHERS

back to topThe message in the bathroom.

If you're still looking for the message, you'll need to fix the showers first. (See: Fixing the showers.)

You'll need to have found another message with the same symbol to solve this.

It looks like math, but it isn't.

The other message told you what N means. Given that, what would the other letters in TENTH mean?

The symbol indicates these letters have something to do with the bull statue.

What parts of the bull statue start with each of those letters?

Try interacting with those part of the bull, in TENTH order.

T is for tail. E is for ear. N is for nose. H is for horn.


back to topThe bull is a statue.

It's safe to try riding the statue, but you won't get very far (yet).

The bull won't budge if you push it, but it's worth trying anyway.

As you probably can guess, there is a way to bring it to life.

You'll need to have fixed the showers first. (See: Fixing the showers.)

You'll also need to have found and decoded the message in the bathroom. (See: The message in the bathroom.)

back to topThe bull is alive!

Suuure it is. Are you cheating by reading clues for non-existing puzzles?

Okay, maybe the bull actually is alive. Or animate anyway. This game is weird. I wonder if there are other magical items on campus?

Have you tried riding the bull? Did you get anywhere with that?

What if the bull was facing another direction?

You can't push the bull, but you can push the circular platform it's standing on.

Some directions prove more fatal than others when the bull bucks you off.

Riding the bull will be a useful trick later in the game, maybe more than once.

back to topThe Dictionary.

It's a book. What do you normally do with books?

It's a joke. Kay likes to learn new words in games, so this game has a dictionary.

It's a book. It will work with any book exchanges you might find in the game.

It's a joke. All text adventure games have inbuilt dictionaries, so this is a little metagaming fun.

It's a book. It has more than one page. Read it more than once. Some words might even come in handy during the game.

DORM: Adventure at the 8-Bit Assembly was created by Carrington Vanston. It may be copied, distributed, and played freely.