The sword and the stone. And the stake.

I am hooked -- hooked, I say -- on a webcomic called "Dracula vs. King Arthur". It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I wish it just magically updated any time I clicked "refresh". You know, because of that whole hooked thing I may have mentioned; cf. hooked, (this paragraph).


The poor get poor, and the rich get old

Average life expectancy versus income for the past two centuries is charted in Hans Rosling's dynamic, interesting data presentation called 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes.

Yes, I said "dynamic" and "interesting" and "data presentation." Don't roll your eyes like that. It's fascinating. Just click and watch, you skeptic you.

This is the kind of presentation that will shape the classrooms of the future. I hope.


Hindsight 2010

It was not a great year, to be honest.

That's a rarity for me. I'm a happy fellow. Great friends, challenging projects, lots to do and see and experience. Life is, as I often say, much better than the alternatives.

But this was a year where I worked and worked and worked, and to be honest it wasn't very fun. I traded my social life for 17 hour work days, and I don't have anything rewarding like a novel to show for the effort. Just money.

Oh well, it's just a year, right? We get thousands of those. Don't we?


Not Very Swift

So Yahoo has announced that it's not shutting down Delicious, but rather it's going to find the service "a home outside the company." If so, then what's up with firing the entire staff? What kind of buyer would be interested now that all development and support teams have been chucked to the curb?

I agree that the company could do with fewer Yahoos, but clearly it also needs a couple more Houyhnhnms.


Too shy

When your friend tells you she's starting up an all-girl 80s cover band called Vag-a-googoo, you know you have chosen your friends wisely.

You may also, as a matter of course, ask yourself what you are doing with your life that's so special you can't take time off to be a groupie? I mean, a band-aid.

I wonder if they get dental coverage?

On a related note, if you stare at the words "too shy" long enough, it is impossible not to pronounce them as "tooshy."

Imp. Oss. Ib. Le.